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Nya Terry, a resident of Detroit Michigan, has won national and international awards in many areas of the entertainment genre and in her professional career. In 1998 as an “International Modeling and Talent Awards” (IMTA) contestant, as competitors from England, Milan, and New York surprising glared, she receives five trophies: photographic modeling, fashion designing, fashion uniqueness, runway modeling, drama and comedy.

That same year, Spec’s Broadcasting School nominates Nya Terry for the “International Television and Video Award” (ITVA) for Best New-Person in Video Production, a commercial on Baker’s Keyboard Lounge which she wrote, produced, directed, voiceover, and appeared.

Ms. Terry’s creative abilities are immediately recognized among her peers, and she accepts an opportunity as a Producer’s Assistant at Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.

Her creative qualities are far from over, in 2000 while working at Comcast Cable Company as a programmer and cameraperson she is offered a chance as a floor director for the show

‘Homework Hotline’ by the producer of the show.

When times got tough and the economy got rough, Ms. Terry was honored by Ser-Metro Detroit, the City of Detroit in 2005 the “Journey to Success for Outstanding Achievement” at Cobo Hall. She has been featured in the Michigan Chronicle three times for her achievements, also wining several beauty contests, appeared in a magazine advertisement leading to TV, radio, and online interviews. Ms. Terry was presented as a fashion model and fashion designer at the American Business Women Awards and the March of Dimes Show. As a choreographer she received a standing ovation alongside her dance troupe for their unique performance, an African dance, which included a fire-eater, as floor blazed encircling their rhythmical motions.

Ms. Terry has won sixteen trophies in many categories. Yet to relax, she loves to sing, compose, sketch and play her percussions.

Still today, Nya Terry continues to light up the entertainment field as two of her original projects, “TACT” ‘Do What You Gotta Do, When You Gotta Do It’ a story that reflects actual events, the probabilities of surviving life on city streets. And her second project, a 3-book series, “THE HOPE” unfolds thousands of years, an incredible journey of Biblical prophecies and historical events; detailing man’s origin, African
kingdoms, slavery, days of old and days of now as the world’s passages moves closer to the Last Day as foretold. Four additional and original projects are currently in development.

Nya Terry’s virtuoso abilities began at the age of eight, writing her first unpublished book and hand sewing, and by age of twelve she received creative recognition. At fourteen she was awarded her first trophy and appeared in her first newspaper article – the Michigan Chronicle.

“As my inquisitive nature started to boil, I challenged myself ingeniously, believing that there is nothing I can’t do, if I want to!” – Nya D. Terry


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