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Tact Novel: Coming Soon



“Yeah it’s almost evening time. Those tricks will be chasing this wild street kittycat,” seductively lifting up her skimpy skirt, revealing her naked vagina, “like a greedy dog chewin on a delicious meaty bone,” adds NeNe. “They’ll be chasing this here pretty sweetthang, for sure.”
“Big Daddy, we’re the best in the business. We always deliver on time, ain’t that right?” glancing at NeNe, assertively expresses Cinnamon Twist while rubbing her dusty wig before smearing pink lipstick on busted lips.
“Nobody can work it like us, that’s for damn sure, Big Daddy!” confirms NeNe.
“I know you kittycats better have all my money before I return, if you know what I mean! So, get back on that corner and make ‘em kittycats purr.”

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