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1963, Vietnam War – The crack of dawn, young Negroes boys stand as men, ready to board a segregated bus after being drafted in the. Campus riots, shots fired, as blood dries quickly outside dorm room windows. Street drugs ease the tension of all who are willing to live on the edge. Political chaos, nobody is safe in a doomed world – Armageddon. “The wicked ones have been perverts from the womb – speaking lies.” Psalms 58:3
“Making America pure again is what keep our passion alive,” snickers Joel.
“You’re right, with a passion!” grins Zeth.
“Sorry about that police officer that got shot dead the other day…Collateral damage, that’s all,” replies Joel.
“Collateral damage, it’s expected,” agrees Zeth, “without a doubt!”
“Thanks to the police’s hasty trigger fingers, adds Joel.

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