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‘Do What You Gotta Do – When You Gotta Do It’

“We were all so young, so innocent. We had no clue to the unknown roads or the evil that would encourage our will to survive. A childhood’s promise that ignited the ‘Fire of Hell’ burning deep in our souls. Revenge was sweet as the blood dried between our fingers that night. Some say, “it was a pact made with the Devil when a member of the Black Connection, Inc., a Mafioso, was murdered.

Tact Novel: Coming Soon



“Yeah it’s almost evening time. Those tricks will be chasing this wild street kittycat,” seductively lifting up her skimpy skirt, revealing her naked vagina, “like a greedy dog chewin on a delicious meaty bone,” adds NeNe. “They’ll be chasing this here pretty sweetthang, for sure.”
“Big Daddy, we’re the best in the business. We always deliver on time, ain’t that right?” glancing at NeNe, assertively expresses Cinnamon Twist while rubbing her dusty wig before smearing pink lipstick on busted lips.
“Nobody can work it like us, that’s for damn sure, Big Daddy!” confirms NeNe.
“I know you kittycats better have all my money before I return, if you know what I mean! So, get back on that corner and make ‘em kittycats purr.”

Who would have thought that our friendship would last so many years! As time passed our lives changed drastically, never knowing what to expect as each day spiraled down winding roads – chaos was all around us. Life and death runs parallel on city streets. But there is one thing we quickly learned – survival always comes with a price, a high price – a price we were willing to pay, a price that instantly soothed the ‘Fire of Hell’ that devoured our innocence. On a warm summer’s night D’La willingly surrenders her soul and makes a pact with the devil. Yeah, we all did!”
“We loved one another for who we were and respected each other for what we have become. Still today the “Bond” grows stronger as our embrace tightens, bringing together a new family, one family, under the sky.”
“Yeah, I remember, we remember, as though it was yesterday!”
“Do What You Gotta Do – When You Gotta Do It”

Candice Felioni was so nervous and shy when she walked into our classroom; that’s where it all starts.
Shi Li Kyi was the sensible one, a real mother hen, and the peacemaker between us.
D’La Lausen; a feisty and sassy girl with a tough attitude to match. She never backed down from a fight and would challenge anyone that came her way. D’La’s favorite remark was and still is “Even In Death!”
Elayne Donaldson loves to sing spiritual hymns during Sunday service. Her angelic voice was so amazing that the entire church boasted


“A vivid portrayal of characters. A real page turner” – Laurie Horn, Davisburg, MI

“Excitement with a twist of intrigue and mystery” – Gabrielle Cinder, Royal Oak, MI

“I cried and smiled. It captivated my attention. A real tear jerker.” – Diane Williams, Baltimore, MD

“Exciting, Powerful, Emotional. A must be motion picture.” – Christina Rincon, Westland, MI

“The TACT soundtrack, very impressive and relaxing. It’s been three weeks and I still continue to listen to it. I keep it in my car.” – Dorcas Dillard, Orlando, FL.

“Outstanding! Realistic! Two Thumbs Up! A must read.” – The Truth Bookstore,
Southfield, MI

“A great story with substance, told by a talented lady with great vision. The characters could be anyone one you know.” – Jerome Potts, Fulton, GA

The movie and book is going places, I really love the CD. – Diane Clark, Dallas, Texas
“Super!!!” Well done, well written. I just can’t wait until the movie comes out. I give it two thumbs up!” I enjoyed every song on the CD. But I keep playing “Under the Sky, D’La, and At The Time” – Willie Neal, Detroit, MI

“Detroit native Nya Terry releases new book and soundtrack “TACT” on today’s culture and relationships. – Michigan Chronicle

“I found it very intriguing and makes you want more. The all the character come from different backgrounds, means readers / viewers may identity with one of or more. The CS is sultry and smooth, jazzy.” – Patricia Samuels, United Kingdom

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