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A chronological 3-book series, screenplay, and soundtrack, of historical events and Biblical prophecies detailing the origin of man, the kingdoms of Africa, the horrific passages of slavery, to present day, the Last Day, Armageddon, as foretold in the Book of Revelations, as it descriptively guide the reader down an ominous passage of Black History – World History.

The Black woman has portrayed exceptional endurance, remarkable strength, and survived incomparable feats while edifying her exasperations. Yes, she must be recognized, respected, and no longer ignored. “For it was foretold among the stars and in the heavens that she would stand. Her back will be broken, although she will walk. Her weaknesses will be preyed upon. Her tribulations will be insufferable. Her strength will be remarkable. She will be a warrior. She will prevail.

For over 3,000 years she will continue the struggle. Her dreams will be persevered as she embraces her nightmares. For over 3,000 years it was foretold that the distinction of her dark skin would be degraded, disrespected, and shamed. Her beauty unmatched, though by many−denied. It was foretold that her incredible journey, her ability to love under the most critical circumstances and her spiritual essences would encourage her existence. Yes, her footsteps, her blood, and her soul are embedded deep within the earth; and yet, her destiny is eminent.” For she is Blessed. For she is Black. For she is…”THE HOPE”

“THE HOPE” Series I



AFRICA – The origin of man. Ancient Egypt the land of the Blacks. Pharaoh Narmer, a time of hieroglyphic inscriptions, the initial writing appears, the first writing known to man. – Imhotep was ascribe, a philosopher, poet, astronomer and a grand architect, scientist and physician, treating over 200 human diseases and created the first monolithic stone structure, a stepped pyramid, to be known

“THE HOPE” Series II



Many were promised freedom and domination of their own African kingdoms, reality reveals lies. –The Kingdom of Axum, the Axum, or Axumites also known as Aksumites or Axumites, a powerful ancient East African kingdom. Since the time of the Pharaohs the Axumites formed one of the most opulent cultures in Africa and becomes one of the richest and powerful empires on the eastern coast.




1963, Vietnam War – The crack of dawn, young Negroes boys stand as men, ready to board a segregated bus after being drafted in the. Campus riots, shots fired, as blood dries quickly outside dorm room windows. Street drugs ease the tension of all who are willing to live on the edge. Political chaos, nobody is safe in a doomed world – Armageddon. “The wicked ones have been perverts from the womb – speaking lies.” Psalms 58:3
“Making America pure again is what keep our passion alive,” snickers Joel.
“You’re right, with a passion!” grins Zeth.
“Sorry about that police officer that got shot dead the other day…Collateral damage, that’s all,” replies Joel.
“Collateral damage, it’s expected,” agrees Zeth, “without a doubt!”
“Thanks to the police’s hasty trigger fingers, adds Joel.

“…OF THE SEVENTH DAUGHTER” – Unfathomable tribulations and invasions continue to erupt across Africa as blood nourishes its soil. The devastation is unimaginable. -534 BC, A 112-year-old woman declares: “I am Etcha, the medicine woman and a friend of the spirits. I am the eyes of the village, as my mother was and her mother before her.” Her eyelids flutter and eyes roll, as she continues: “…It was a warm and peaceful night as I sat in front of my unlit cooking-pot. Suddenly, fire appears, blazing unusually high. The fire was as if, it wasn’t a fire at all. …I placed my hand inside; the fire was cool to my skin…the fire tell many things.”

“THE HOPE” Trailer

For over 5000 years the blood of man has saturated the earth with disgrace; man’s heart has not altered from his shameful inclinations. From Africa to days of now, posters read: “POWER to the PEOPLE” a call for black unity where neighborhoods burn, people shouts, “Revolution!” Civil right activists demand change and equality as Black citizens are drafted into the Vietnam War. A world headed for destruction.
Eminence – A heavenly spirit reveals, “Armageddon is near!”
The world moves onward: “for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again.” Matthew 24:21
“So It Is Written!”

1. Intro – Nya Terry
2. “YOU SAY THESE THINGS” – Performed and composed by Nya Terry
3. “DA`ZAH” – Composed by and produced by Nya Terry
4. “XONG DI” – Composed and Produced By Nya Terry
5. “ONE LAST MOMENT” – Performed by Hari Paris, Composed and Produced By Nya Terry
6. “THREE QUARTERS AND A DIME” Vocals by Narvin Gray, Composed/ Produced By Nya Terry
7. “MY FAVORITE THING” – Composed and Produced By Hari Paris
8. “SURVIVE” – Composed, produced, and performed by Stuart Scaggs
9. “DESTINY” Composed, produced, and performed By Sam Davis
10. “LOOK AT US NOW” Written, performed, and produced by Hari Paris

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